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Strategy, training, and coaching for mission-centered organizations, high-performing professionals, and ambitious entrepreneurs. Dr. Sharla inspires and equips people and teams to see more, want more, do more, achieve more, and be more in their personal and professional lives.

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  • Inspiring keynote addresses and presentations

  • Engaging workshops and training

  • Strengths-based executive, leadership, and team coaching

  • Consulting and strategy development

Lifted /lift-ed/ verb

1. raised to a higher position or level.

2. picked up and moved to a different position.

Quinton Phillips, TX

"I've been through lots of strategic planning processes over the years with lots of other organizations, and what you've done for us beats them all by far."

Michelle Kapra, CA

"The way Dr. Sharla pushes me to think is unbelievable. I see my work as a school leader so differently now. More importantly, I do my work as a school leader differently now. And that's a good thing!"

Chris Powers, NH

"If you've never been in a room with Dr. Sharla on the stage, you've missed out on a life-changing moment. In 30 minutes, she made me feel like could change the world - and made me laugh (and cry) a lot in the process!" 


Dr. Sharla Horton is the owner and principal consultant for Lifted Consulting. With a more than 20-year career in leadership and nearly 10 years as an entrepreneur, she is passionate about helping people and teams dream big and do bigger! Her work and message center on bold visioning, innovative thinking, identifying and leveraging strengths and assets, finding and maintaining a strong sense of purpose and possibility, and developing critical skills for organizational and individual success. Whether giving a keynote address on the power of passion, facilitating a strategic board retreat, or training principals on impactful leadership, Dr. Sharla masterfully uses humor, transparency, and her subject matter expertise to curate a meaningful, transformative, and unforgettable experience for participants.

Book Dr. Sharla to speak for your next corporate event, conference, convocation, executive retreat, summit, or professional development with your site-based team.

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