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Dr. Sharla Horton is a strategist with a long career and deep experience in organizational leadership. Over the past 20 years, Sharla has served as an educator, education administrator, non-profit leader, and consultant. Her work has primarily focused on leadership development, performance management and improvement, and strategic planning in PK-12 public and private schools and non-profit organizations. She has held senior roles in both small and large organizations and has successfully led countless projects of all scopes and budgets through conceptualization, implementation, and completion.

Sharla's focus areas and expertise includes:

  • Leadership development

  • Strategic planning

  • Asset and strengths mapping

  • Racial equity

  • Organizational culture

With her strong commitment to equity and justice, Dr. Sharla is particularly focused on providing high-quality consulting and support services to historically marginalized individuals and leaders and lending her expertise in organizational leadership to ensure they have the tools to be successful, scale their impact, and sustain their work.  

Sharla is also a dynamic and gifted speaker and has delivered inspirational, informative, and impactful keynote addresses and talks for thousands of people across the nation on a variety of personal and professional topics. Her humor, expertise, and transparency (and dance moves!) make an experience with Dr. Sharla truly unforgettable!   

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